Niwota News Agency is an online news reporter of our diplomatic coverage. We are proud to be the first authentic media reporter from the diplomatic zone in Nigeria. We have over 10 years experience covering news across the cultures. Our news material is also published in printed copies of Diplomats Extra Magazine. We gather first-hand information for our online audience.


The Diplomats Extra is First ever independent bimonthly magazine with a current readership of more than 10,000 positions to be the flagship publication of the diplomatic community in Nigeria. It is distributed to all foreign embassies in the nation’s capital, and distributed in the following international accredited organizations in Nigeria, such as the United Nations office , ECOWAS Commission, ECOWAS Parliament, and other international organizations, 5-Star Hotels, Federal Agencies and more than 100 locations in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and Kano.

With a richly diverse, insightful and expertise-laden editorial staff, The Diplomats Extra is a prestigious “must-read” professional journal covering international affairs from a diplomatic perspective. Each issue highlights various nations with in-depth ambassador profiles and interviews with other top-level officials. In addition, The Diplomat Extra offers timely analysis focusing on international relations, politics, trade and investment, multilateral institutions, humanitarian initiatives, economic issues and diplomatic matters.


Raphael Oni, is the Editor in Chief of the News Agency. He is an International journalist with wide travel experience as a diplomatic reporter.