By He Yin, People’s Daily Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a video address at the opening session of the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on May 19. He profoundly expounded on security and development issues, and offered important opinions on deepening political and security cooperation among BRICS countries, enhancing confidence inContinue Reading

By Chang Qin, People’s Daily Many Chinese farmers now turn to commercial agricultural service providers or major growers for the management of farmlands they don’t wish to cultivate by themselves. “Farmland nannies”, people who help farmers take care of their farmlands, are playing an increasingly important role in agricultural productionContinue Reading

By Lu Yanan, People’s Daily “The pandemic made a big impact on economic operations in April, but the impact was short-lived and external. The fundamentals sustaining the steady and long-term growth of the Chinese economy remain unchanged. The overall trends of economic transformation and upgrading and high-quality development remain unchanged,”Continue Reading

By Ding Yiting, People’s Daily The urban lifeline operation monitoring system employed in Hefei, east China’s Anhui province, can display real-time monitoring data on urban infrastructure such as gas and water supply facilities and bridges on a screen. Trough diagram showing the spatial distribution of safety hazards to urban infrastructureContinue Reading

By Paul Tembe The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has upended the 21st century in many significant respects. One of these game-changing upsets has been in the conceptualization and practice of “democracy”. The PRC has concretely demonstrated that democratic values and institutions can be singularly associated with China in itsContinue Reading