By Raphael Oni The government of the Peoples Republic of China through her Embassy in Abuja, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Institute for Peace and Conflict resolution (IPCR) to raise awareness on insecurity, foster peace and development in Nigeria. The Chinese Contemporary World Magazine agreement, an intellectualContinue Reading

By Wu Shaomin, Gong Xiangjuan, People’s Daily The Qilihai Wetland in north China’s Tianjin municipality is an important stopover site for migratory birds. It is also a vital part of the ecological resources in north China’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In summer, a mixed fragrance of various flowers and herbs can beContinue Reading

By Qin Ruijie, Shao Yuzi, People’s Daily As China steadily expands the application of information technology in education, more and more regions across the country now have access to high-quality educational resources. Information technology is narrowing urban-rural and regional digital gaps and bringing rural students closer to renowned schools andContinue Reading

By Liu Leyi, People’s Daily A piece of arid land in northwest China’s Qinghai province is now turned into a vast “blue sea” made up of numerous photovoltaic (PV) panels, thanks to China’s persistent efforts to promote sustainable development. In the past, 98.5 percent of the Talatan area, Gonghe countyContinue Reading

By Sun Chao, People’s Daily Intelligent systems and equipments are lending a big hand to medical agencies and doctors in rural China, making medical services more convenient and accessible. In a clinic in Zibianwangji village, Daxingdi township, Lushui city, southwest China’s Yunnan province, various types of medical devices are assistingContinue Reading

By Liu Xinyan, People’s Daily In a cave at the Yungang Grottoes, an ancient Chinese Buddhist site in Datong city, north China’s Shanxi Province, several technicians were taking close-up photogrammetry and collecting image data with instruments such as HD cameras, station scanners and 3D laser scanners. “We are collecting digitalContinue Reading