By Zhang Mengxu, Zhang Penghui, Chen Shangwen, People’s Daily The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2023 held its first press conference on March 28, on which the “Asian Economic Outlook and Integration Progress Annual Report 2023” and the “Sustainable Development: Asia and the World Annual Report 2023” were officially released.Continue Reading

By Zhong Sheng, People’s Daily The current U.S. administration has been obsessed with building “small circles” around the world in an attempt to contain China, slow and even hinder China’s development. The practices, including fueling group politics and provoking bloc confrontation, run against the trend of the times and have aroused wide concerns ofContinue Reading

By Zhong Yin, People’s Daily Local authorities and relevant departments in China have been making unremitting efforts recently to ensure the supply of medical resources, satisfy the demand for medicines and focus on the prevention and treatment of high-risk groups, building a solid defense line against COVID-19 that protects people’s health. TheyContinue Reading

By Zhong Yin, People’s Daily Local authorities across China are working to ensure forceful and effective COVID-19 response after the country issued its latest 10 prevention and control measures to further optimize pandemic control. They are enhancing the popularization of healthcare knowledge among residents, guiding them to understand the novel coronavirusContinue Reading

By Zhong Sheng, People’s Daily The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is spreading fast globally. Some U.S. media outlets recently sighed in articles that the pandemic is “still killing 1,200 Americans a day,” worrying there might be “another surge.” However, in a cynical tone, they said the Chinese mainland the HongContinue Reading

By Raphael Oni The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Her Excellency Mary Beth Leonard visited the National Strategic Warehouse to welcome the latest delivery of U.S.-government donated COVID-19 vaccines to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  She discussed COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution with the Executive Director of the National PrimaryContinue Reading

Raphael Oni with Agency News German Government Announces €18m Premium Support to subsidize climate insurance for African Risk Capacity (ARC) Member States. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany today announced, on the margins of the ongoing United Nations 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the sum ofContinue Reading

Editorial by People’s Daily The United States intelligence community report on COVID-19 origins is “not scientifically credible”, and Washington’s assertion of lack of transparency on the part of China is only an excuse for politicizing and stigmatizing purpose, the Chinese embassy in the U.S. said on August 28. A two-pageContinue Reading