China to incorporate education programs promoting eco-civilization into national education system

By Kou Jiangze, People’s Daily

China is going to advance ecological civilization education in schools and incorporate education programs promoting ecological civilization into its national education system, according to a recent action plan issued by Chinese government.

The action plan, which is aimed at leading the whole society to a strong commitment to the values and philosophy of ecological civilization, and furthering efforts to set up an action system involving all sectors of society for ecological and environmental governance, was jointly released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), the Ministry of Education, and other four realated departmants..

The country will make efforts to boost the development of relevant disciplines, strengthen the cultivation of high-level talents in ecological and environmental protection, and actively promote the establishment of laws and norms on ecological civilization education, said the action plan.

According to the document, China will raise the awareness of ecological civilization among people from various sectors of society and improve their scientific literacy in environmental protection by strengthening social education on ecological civilization, intensifying publicity and education on ecological and environmental laws, and launching ecological civilization education activities for families, and in communities, factories, government organs, and villages.

In fact, China has carried out themed activities nationwide since 2018 to encourage all sectors of society and the public to take part in the building of a beautiful China by adopting simple, moderate, green and low-carbon ways of life and production, according to an official from the MEE.

Since the launch of these activities, the country has witnessed increasing channels for public participation in environmental protection and growing enthusiasm for jointly building a beautiful China. At the same time, a paradigm of publicity for ecological civilization has basically taken shape.

The newly issued action plan arranges key tasks covering six aspects of relevant work, including enhancing ecological civilization education and promoting participation of all sectors of society in ecological and environmental protection, the official said.

Besides, the document contains plans for ten special activities, including workshops, volunteer services, and brand building activity, according to the official, who noted that by issuing the action plan, the country intends to intensify efforts and realize the vision where everyone cares about, supports, and takes part in ecological and environmental protection.

Moreover, the action plan also specifies the roles of Party and government organs, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, and social organizations to promote the participation of all sectors of society in ecological and environmental protection.

The six departments will supervise and evaluate the implementation of the action plan on a regular basis, in a bid to sum up experience and promote successful models so as to provide good examples and guidance for various sectors of society to promote the building of ecological civilization.

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