COVID-19: Sport activities in Kuwait suspended to help stop the spread

The Kuwaiti General Sports Authority has called on all national sport federations to suspend their activities for a period of one month, subject to extension in compliance with the decisions and directions of the Kuwaiti government for combating the outbreak of new strains of Covid-19.

According to official news agencies in Kuwait, this decision went effective starting February 7, 2021.

This decision came during an emergency meeting held by the Authority committee headed by Dr. Mishaal Al-Hadba, Deputy Director General of Sports Authority in sports of all sectors.

 Al-Hadba explained that the situation will be closely monitored and the federations will stay informed of all developments regarding the resumption of the sporting activity by the concerned ministries.

Saqr Al-Mulla, Deputy Director General of Competitive Sports Affairs at the Authority, called for his part to ban gatherings within sports bodies of all kinds and causes, confirmed by a ‘Tweet’ on the Authority’s official Twitter account.

Saqr added, “The authority will continue its meetings with the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee and Ministry of Health, to assess the situation and notify the federations of all developments.”

Both officals concluded by saying: “We thank the sports federations for their cooperation with the authority to confront the pandemic, especially with the rapid spread of new strains of the virus.”

In turn, the President of the Kuwaiti Football Association, Ahmed Al-Youssef Al-Sabah, apologized to its Saudi counterpart for not hosting the match between Al-Taawoun FC (Saudi) and Persepolis FC (Iran) teams in the AFC Champions League, due to fears of the pandemic.

Kuwait was scheduled to host the match between the two teams on March 2, 2021 upon the request of Saudi Arabian Football Federation

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