ECOWAS Parliament calls for concerted regional efforts to tackle Nigeria’s insecurity

By Raphael Oni

Some members of the ECOWAS Parliament have recommended concerted efforts of Member States and firm actions from the Authority of Heads of State and Government to tackle the growing insecurity in Nigeria. The Parliamentarians

gave the recommendations on Thursday in Abuja following the Country Report of the Nigerian delegation which highlighted the spate of insecurity across the country.

According to the Parliamentarians, Nigeria holds a significant position in the Sub-region and the growing insecurity and communal clashes in the country will impact negatively on other countries.

Hon. Shaka Sama, an Independent Representative from Sierra-Leone lamented the increase in insecurity across the region as presented by most Member States in their reports. Sama noted that it would be difficult to sustain economic development in the region with the increase of insecurity and if the root causes are not adequately dealt with. In his words, “We have to mobilise concerted efforts of all ECOWAS Institutions, the Authority of Heads of States ad Governments to look at the causes of these insecurities and how to end it. Nigeria is very strategic to the sub-region  and concerted efforts to end Nigeria’s insecurity will help tackle the insecurity in other countries of the region.”

Sama said,” a threat to peace and stability in a place is also a threat to peace and stability everywhere. As such he remommend that, We have to work together as a region to stop this problems because a lot of countries in the West are benefiting from our insecurity.

Similarly, Hon Califa Seidi a representative from Guinea Bissau said if Nigeria, the biggest country in the region has so many cases of insecurity and human rights violation, it means the region is not safe.

According to him, “It is important for ECOWAS to collaborate, particularly the Authority of Heads of State and government, Council of Ministers to adopt effective measures to tackle the menace. It has become a concern for us all Member States and we have to give serious thought to it because our citizens are dying and impacting negatively on our economy”,

Hon. Sani Boucary, Third deputy Speaker and Representative from Niger lauded Nigeria and the Armed Forces for being at the fore front of interventions across the region. Boucary also commended Nigeria for its leading role in political stability in the region.

He said that all recommendations will be noted and transmitted to the right and relevant authorities.

Hon Linda Ikpeazu presented the Nigeria country’s report on behalf the 33 Nigerian delegation to ECOWAS Parliament. While presenting its country report, the Nigerian delegation stated that the security situation in Nigeria is dire. The delegation noted that there had been tremendous increase in the spate of unfettered violence, abductions, and killings by terrorist groups, bandits and other criminal elements, with progressive increase in insecurity

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