Jose Eduardo Dos Santo of Angola Pass to Glory

By Raphael Oni

Former President of the Republic of Angola, His Excellency Jose Eduardo Dos Santo died today in the city of Barcelona, Spain after a brief illness. A press statement from the Embassy of Angola in Nigeria made available to the public reads in part, “The Embassy of the Republic of Angola in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Benin and Niger, makes public that the former President of the Republic JOSÉ EDUARDO DOS SANTOS died today in the city of Barcelona, Spain, due to illness.”

The formers President of Angola who was supposed in turn 80 come August 28, 2022 lived a fulfilled life as a national hero. The statement said, “José Eduardo dos Santos was a unique figure of Angolan nationalism with his participation in the fight against colonization, in the conquest of national independence, in the affirmation of Angola in the context of Nations, in the conquest of peace, reconstruction and national reconciliation.”

The country has declared five days of national morning starting from July 9th 2022. The Embassy of Angola in Abuja will be open to the Condolences Register from Monday 11th July, 2022 to the Diplomatic community and friends of Angola to sign in honour of the departed Nationalist and patriot.

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