Nigeria and Holy See on New diplomatic Vista as Adikwu get accredited

By Raphael Oni

Nigeria and Holy See opens new diplomatic vista as His Excellency Paul Oga Adikwu submit his letter of credence to Holy Father Pope Francis in the Vatican City on Monday 21st June 2021.

Holy Father, Pope Francis expressed readiness to collaborate with Nigeria to overcome the security changes currently witnessed in the sub-Sahara region. Pope Francis appreciates the effort of President Muhammadau Buhari led administration to combat security challenges witnessed in some part of the country. The Holy Father said, the problem is not just a Nigerian problem but global one saying he will personally be involve in praying for Nigeria to overcome the situation.

In a private chat with Holy Father, Pope Francis, Nigerian Ambassador to Holy See, His Excellency Paul Adikwu convey the warm greetings of President Muhammadu Buhari to the Pope. In the word of the Ambassador, he said, “ I bring you greetings from President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. President want me to specially thank you for the good leadership you are providing to the word. Adikwu told the Holy Father of his readiness to hit the ground running, as he intend to start  prayer sessions with major religious organization both in Nigeria and the Vatican City for the country Nigeria.

Pope Francis prayed for the new Ambassador who was in the company of his family and senior staff of the Embassy, committing the envoy to the hand of God to succeed in during his tour of duty in Holy See.

Speaking to journalists in Rome after presenting his the letter of credence, Ambassador Adikwu says, he is privileged to be appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari to represent him in at the Vatican. In the words of the Ambassador, “first and foremost I have to thank Mr. President for given me the great opportunity serve in the Vatican City, as you know the Vatican City is a sovereign State within Italy. I will give my best to this noble assignment and to ensure that Nigeria- Holy See Relation is taken to the next level”

A brief reception was organized in honour of the Ambassador at the Nigeria Embassy in Holy See to celebrate the presentation of letter of credence. The event was graced by high level representation from the Nigerian Community in the Vatican City.

Ambassador Adikwu urges Nigerian to continue to be law abiding and to continue to represent good image of Nigeria in the Vatican region and Italy at large. Adikwu said, “As Nigerians in Italy, they should put the interest of Nigeria as a country in their business in whatever they do”.

One speaking at the reception, Dr. Asemota Sunday, Secretary General , Edo Elders Committee of Roma and Lazio urges the Nigeria Embassy of Holy See to create a better environment where there will be interface between the Nigerians in the Vatican City dwellers and the Embassy.

Responding to the issue of interface, Mr. Patrick Imologhome, the Head of Chancery, Nigeria Embassy, Holy See promised the Nigerian Community that with the coming of the new Ambassador, the Nigerian Community will see an improved engagement between Nigerian in the Vatican City and the Embassy. 

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